Channel and lock of Bath

Channel and Locks of Bath
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The excess freshwater from the Volkerak and the Markiezaatsmeer can be drained off via the Bathse Spuichannel and the Bathse Spuilock. This drainage system consists of a channel 8 kilometres long (5 miles), 140 metres wide and 7 metres deep. It runs from the Oosterschelde to a Westerschelde Spuilock near Bath, and runs parallel with the Schelde-Rijnkanaal. The system has a flow capacity of 100 cubic metres per second. Every day, 8.5 million cubic metres of water can be discharged into the Westerschelde. In 1980, the excavation for the spuilock was built, and the preparations for digging the channel started in 1982.
Bath, drainage sluice and canal. And the connection of rivers Schelde and Rijn.
Drainage sluice Bath
By the end of May 1986, the channel was complete; the Spuilock followed mid-September that same year. When you are travelling by train from Middelburg to Roosendaal, you will see the channel below between Rilland and Bath.