During the Deltaworks Online project, a number of companies helped us with the construction of the website. They are mentioned below.

Nobis Stultius IT

Thomas Filius and Tjeerd Bijlsma working for Nobis Stultius IT were responsible for the technical realisation of the website. The Content Management System of the site is based on a system they already had under development. Because this project is quite specific, some custom modules have also been developed.

Orbit Studio

Wim Mertens of Orbit Studio was responsible for layout, style and media pop-ups throughout the project. The set-up and finishing touches of the layout for both and, and also the integration of the first class animation, give the website structure and a good atmosphere. This completes the project.
More information regarding Orbit Studio can be found on

Skypictures Luchtfotografie

Izak van Maldegem from Skypictures helped us to produce the aerial video footage. Together we made a three and a half hour flight over Flushing, Antwerp, Bergen-op-Zoom, Dordrecht and Rotterdam. We were able to capture on videotape all of the major Deltaworks. These pictures can all be found on the website.

VG&S Accountants

For the last stage of the project, Martin van Lingen from VG&S Accountants gave us some valuable financial advice.