Dordrecht/Land of Heusden

The city of Dordrecht has been surrounded by water for centuries. During the Middle Ages, Dordrecht was the richest city in the Netherlands, thanks to its favourable position at the waterside. It was only in the 17th century when people began to populate the southern part of the city. Due to the embankment, the island of Dordrecht was created. Today, the city of Dordrecht lies next to the nature reserve the Biesbosch and only a stone’s throw away from the cities of Rotterdam, Breda and Tilburg. Other nearby towns include Zwijndrecht, Papendrecht, Amblasserdam, Sliedrecht and Ridderkerk.
The region near Dordrecht is called the ‘Land of Heusden and Altena’. Heusden and Altena are two famous and influential men from the 12th century. Rivers and dikes are characteristic for the local landscape. The parallel dikes show evidence of the land reclamation. The most beautiful towns in the area are Heusden and Woudrichem. Other close towns are Gorinchem and Leerdam.