Flood 1953 Museum

If you are interested in the Deltaworks, and visit the Delta area, this is one museum you must see! The flood of 1953 left its mark everywhere on the province Zeeland, and these traces are still visible today. The Museum of the flood of 1953 is established in the original caissons which were used on November 6th 1952 to close the last portion of the dike.

For more information on opening hours and prices, take a look at www.museaschouwenduiveland.nl


Museum Watersnood 1953
Weg van de Buitenlandse Pers 5
4305 RJ Ouwerkerk
Telefoon: 0111-644382
Fax: 0111-643128
Email: watersnood@zeelandnet.nl

How to get there?

The museum is about 5 km from the Zeeland Bridge and Ziwerikzee, on the Oosterschelde storm surge barrier, at Ouwerkerk.

Take the N59 and take the first exit at Nieuwekerk called ‘De Weel’. Follow the signs ‘museum’.

If you come from the Zeeland Bridge, turn right at the first traffic light after the bridge, and turn right again (this way you will drive back along the barrier). Follow the signs ‘museum’ till you see the caissons of the museum in the barrier.