The Zwin

The Zwin is a nature reserve which was founded in 1952. It lies on the Dutch-Belgium coast line. It has a total surface area of 158 hectares, of which 125 hectares are on Belgium territory and 33 hectares are on Dutch territory. The nature reserve consists of a line of dunes with salty marshes and mudflats. It is famous for its variety of salt resistant flora. It is a popular destination for bird watchers too, as the area attracts around ten thousand breeding birds every year. Apart from guided tours, individual walks are also permitted on defined areas of the park and in the ‘Educational Bird Park’. The majority of the territory is not accessible by visitors in order to prevent the birds being disturbed.


Graaf Léon Lippensdreef 8, B-8300 Knokke-Heist
Telefon : 0032 50 / 60 70 86  fax : 0032 50 / 62 20 00
website : (in French and Dutch)
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How to get there

From Antwerp, by the N49 road Antwerp-Knokke

From Kortrijk/Bruges by the Bruges-Zeebruges road (extended A17 Kortrijk-Bruges); turn off to the right towards Knokke-Heist

From the Netherlands
Through Antwerp, after Sluis-Aardenburg turn off to the right towards Knokke