Landscapes can be seen everywhere we look, except of course, within urban areas. There are many different types of landscape and sceneries. Rivers flow through some areas, while other areas are hilly, some border at the sea, and others are metres below the sea level etc. In the Netherlands, there are no volcanos, mountains, hot springs or fjords. However, from a geographical point of view, the absense of some landscapes such as these does not make the Low Countries any less interesting than others.

Even in a relatively small country such as the Netherlands, a wide variety of landscapes can be recognised. To mention a few: the sea clay landscape, the river clay landscape and the dune landscape. Information about the development of these landscapes and their present-day characteristics can be read on the following pages. You can also read the famous Dutch poem 'Remembering Holland' (translated into English), in which the beauty of the Dutch landscape is very well described.