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During the Deltaworks Online project (2004) we received a lot of support from the individuals, companies and authorities listed below. We would like to thank every one of them for their cooperation and their contributions to the project.

Prins Internet BV

Prins Internet is sponsoring the hosting of both this website and the founder’s website. Thanks to the support of Jan Prins this website is always 100% operational irrespective of the number of visitors.

Zeeuws Archief Middelburg

We would like to thank the Zeeuws Archief for supplying us with pictures and newspaper articles from their archives. More information about the Zeeuws Archief can be found on


We would like to thank Rijkswaterstaat for allowing us to use their archives (with the appropriate citation) on the site. The Rijkswaterstaat database (which contains thousands of photos) enabled us to fill up our own database with some 1100 photos of the construction of the Deltaworks.

PZC – Provinciale Zeeuwse Courant

The PZC granted us permission to use articles and testimonials from their website on the 1953 flood. This has helped to give the site a much more personal feel.