Maeslant barrier


Maeslant Barrier
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A year after the opening of the Oosterschelde barrier, the Ministry of Waterways and Public Works held a competition for the construction of another storm surge barrier. Were the costs of 2.5 billion Euros for the Oosterschelde barrier not high enough? Wasn’t Zeeland protected against the upcoming water? Weren’t all waterways closed, except for the Westerschelde?

The winner

Design Maeslantbarrier
This time, there would not be a storm surge barrier in Zeeland, but in the New Waterway (Nieuwe Waterweg). Raising the dikes around Rotterdam would not be necessary anymore. The most important demand for the design was that the barrier should not hinder the shipping. The barrier should only be closed under exceptional circumstances - no more than once or twice every ten years. In 1991, four years after the competition was held, construction started. Which design had won? Out of six submissions, the design of the Building Combination Maeslant Barrier won. The Maeslant barrier would consist of two steel doors which could be sunk down and could be turned away in the docks in the shores.


On Saturday May 10th 1997, the Storm Surge Barrier New Waterway near the Hoek of Holland was introduced. The barrier was officially opened by the Dutch Queen Beatrix. At 4:30 PM, the giant storm-surging doors were sailed equally from the shores on to the New Waterway for the first time. Altogether, this took about two hours.