Oosterschelde National Park lies in the heart of the Delta region. It is the largest national park in the Netherlands, covering an area of 37,000 hectares. There is lots to see and experience for the nature lovers, through the many excursions. Visitors can walk, sail or cycle within the area. The Oosterschelde is continually changing under the influence of the wind and the tide. At low tide the sandplates and salt marshes appear. A great number of birds gather in search of food while seals relax on the plates and nurse their young. At high tide the plates and salt marshes disappear and the birds move on to the higher, more vegetated salt marshes, or to the polders and creaks behind the inner dikes. They wait on these elevated sanctuaries until the tide goes out again. Apart from fish, there are also plants and animals living below the water level that are usually only found on rocky coastlines. There are several museums and information centres along the banks of the Oosterschelde.

More information: http://www.npoosterschelde.nl

Text: Ministerie van Landbouw, Natuurbeheer en Visserij