South Holland islands

Not all islands in the Delta area belong to the province of Zeeland. The northern islands - Goerree Overflakkee, Hoekse Waard and Voorne Putten belong to the province of South-Holland. The landscape is typical for Zeeland, but the areas are economically dependent on the port of Rotterdam. The Hoekse Waarde is a very large polder, where only some small villages or lines of poplars can be seen on the horizon. For cyclists, the South Holland islands are amazing. Voorne Putte is known for its coastal area. In the summer, people enjoy themselves at the beach. The neighbouring nature reserves Tenellaplas and Quackjeswater are worth visiting too. Obviously, the old cities of Brielle and Hellevoetsluis should not be forgotten. The double-island Goerree Overflakkee is also part of South Holland. Since the Deltaworks were built, its inhabitants have become in touch with the rest of the world. Nowadays, thousands of tourists flood the area each year to enjoy the beach and the water. For people who enjoy watersports, Goerree Overflakke is the place to go. The hotels, holiday cottages and camping sites in and around the town of Ouddorp mostly attract those people living in Rotterdam.