The Deltaplan

The Delta commission

Parlement accepts the first designs of the Delta-law, which would initiate the building of the Deltaworks
Video: Parlement accepts Delta-law
On February the 21st, 1953, the Deltacommission was founded, directed by the director-general of the Department of Waterways and Public Works, Mr Maris. Its aim was to draw up a plan to ensure two goals would be reached:
1. Drain the areas that flood regularly during high water levels and protect them from the water,
2. Protect the land from getting brackish.

The Minister of Waterways and Public Works, Mr Algera, told the Deltacommission it had to make a choice between raising the existing dikes or closing down some tidal inlets. One condition to be met when drawing up the plan was that the Western Schelde and the Waterway of Rotterdam had to stay open, because these rivers were vital to shipping traffic.