The Oosterschelde storm surge barrier

Oosterschelde Barrier
Video: Oosterschelde Barrier
The construction of the Oosterschelde barrier was such a large-scaled and complex project, that a whole website could easily be devoted to this dam. The storm surge barrier of the Oosterschelde is, without any doubt, the most impressive storm surging structure of the Netherlands. Other flood barriers can be found in the ‘Hollandsche IJssel’ and the ‘Nieuwe Waterweg’.

The storm surge barrier, which eventually cost 2.5 billion euros, was officially opened by Queen Beatrix on October 4th 1986. What had all this money been spent on? The chance to have another flood had decreased from once per ???? years to once per 4,000 years. Moreover, the storm surge barrier would not have to be replaced in the next two hundred years. Hopefully, one does not have to think about a new solution until the middle of the 21st century.