The works

Overview Dams
The different parts of the Deltaworks could not be completed at the same time. The Department of Waterways and Public Works chose to stick to a logical order: from small to large and from simple to complicated. This way, as much as possible was able to be learnt during the construction process. The experiences gained would be helpful for carrying out the most complicated parts of the Deltaworks. When determining the order, the materials and manpower available were taken into account. The Department of Waterways and Public Works also took into account that protection against storm tides would be number one priority. On the basis of these considerations, it was decided to carry out the Deltaworks in the following order:

1. Storm surge barrier in the Hollandse Ijssel
2. Damming the Zandkreek
3. Damming the Veerse Gat
4. Damming the Grevelingen
5. Damming the Volkerak
6. Damming the Haringvliet
7. Damming the Brouwershavense Gat
8. Damming the Eastern Schelde
9. Flood-control dam and lock in the Oude Maas