Zeeland Flanders

The name Zeeland Flande reveals a lot - it shares features with both Zeeland and Flanders. Although Zeeland Flanders is located at the Belgium border, it is typically influenced by the province to which it belongs, which is Zeeland. The reason why this area is Dutch and not Belgian dates back to the 16th and 17th century (the Eighty Years' War), during which the Dutch stadholders took possession of the region. Zeeland Flanders was of great strategic importance in the Dutch battle against Spanish King Phillip II.

The Flemish cities Brugge, Gent and Antwerp are closer to the inhabitants of Zeeland Flanders than a Dutch city such as Rotterdam. The Belgium seaside resort Knokke is just on the other side of the Dutch-Belgian border. Zeeland Flanders borders at the Westerschelde and has many beaches. Seaside resorts include Cadzand-Bad, Breskens, Hoofdplaat and Zeedorp. Important nature reserves are the Zwin, de Braakman polder and the river delta of the Scheldt. Terneuzen is the only town of importance in this region. Industries and a port can be found only in the surrounding area of Terneuzen. The rest of Zeeland Flanders is indisputable rural.