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Stormsurge Barrier Oosterschelde, with the island Neeltje Jans.
Stormsurge Barrier Oosterschelde
The site is one of the biggest and most complete online resources of information about the Delta Works and water management in the Netherlands.

The Delta Works are viewable in many ways on our website. Through the use of photographs, animations, audio, video and virtual tours we try to give you a complete picture of the enormous scale of all the different works. The site is ideal as a resource for your thesis, or to show your family and friends (possibly abroad) this small marvel of Dutch Water Engineering.  continues...

New!! Virtual Tours

The Delta Works exist 50 years! Delta Works Online celebrates this fact with the launch of our brand new virtual tours.

Philips Dam - Krammer Sluizen Zandkreek Dam Maeslant Kering
Oosterschelde Kering Veersegat Dam Haringvlietsluizen

The virtual tours combine both ground photos by Job van de Sande and aerial photos by Scott Haefner: A combination that is unique in the World! The aerial photos are made by hanging a camera from underneath a large kite. These so-called ‘kite-shots’ give you the freedom to hover over the DeltaWorks. By clicking on one of many “hot spots” you can zoom in on places that are normally closed for the general public.

Clicking on one of the photos above will launch the popup and start the loading of the virtual tour. You can use your mouse to take control of the camera position. By clicking on the different “hot spots” you can navigate from one photo to the next. Double clicking the virtual tour will execute the full screen mode. Good luck!

We need your help!

Storm Surge Barrier in action!
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For spelling errors: text @ deltawerken.org
Other mistakes: bugs @ deltawerken.org 


Searching for additional information...

Oosterschelde Barrier
Video: Oosterschelde Barrier
If you are searching for further information, brochures, books, posters or have a (very) technical question, unfortunately most of the time the Delta Works Online Foundation cannot be of help. All the information we have has been put online. To make your search for further information easier we have provided a number of authorities, visitors centers and/or other institutes available to contact.


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Zeelandbridge in its full glory. A 5km long link between Schouwen-Duiveland and Noord-Bevenland.
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The main goal of our (non-profit) foundation is to provide reliable information about water management, flood protection and the Delta Works.


We hope you enjoy viewing, listening, reading, and browsing!

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